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Naval Aviator explains why the F-35 can give the F-22 fits in BVR while 4th Gen Fighters have 1:100 chance at best to beat the Raptor

Naval Aviator explains why the F-35 can give the F-22 fits in BVR while 4th Gen Fighters have 1:100 chance at best to beat the Raptor

‘Where the F-35 Lightning II would give the F-22 fits would be BVR. The primary advantage the Raptor has, first… Read More

3 weeks ago

Naval Aviator explains why Russian 4th Gen Fighter Jets don’t have chance against US 4th Gen Fighter Jets

‘We can shoot them when and where we choose and they have little to nothing to counter what we can… Read More

3 months ago

Germany procures 35 Lockheed Martin 5th Generation F-35A Lightning II aircraft

The German Ministry of Defense announced on Dec. 14, 2022 it is procuring 35 Lockheed Martin 5th Generation F-35 Lightning… Read More

6 months ago

USAF rotating about dozen F-22 Raptor stealth fighters into Kadena Air Base as F-15C Eagles begin withdrawal

About a dozen F-15 jets will return to the US within a few weeks, while around the same number of… Read More

7 months ago

Republic of Korea Air Force F-35A Stealth Fighters grounded 172 times over 18 months, unable to carry out certain missions 62 times, Lawmaker says

Republic of Korea Air Force F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters were rated as operationally unready on 234 occasions over an… Read More

8 months ago

KAI displays model of KF-21N, Boramae Variant Operating From Aircraft Carrier

KAI stressed that the KF-21N is just concept to demonstrate the possibility of developing a naval version of the… Read More

9 months ago

Former US Navy Operations Specialist explains why although there are many threats that could potentially shoot down the F-22, the Raptor is still the winner

‘Yes, there are threats out there that can defeat the F-22. They just cannot do it fast enough for it… Read More

9 months ago

“There’s nothing that compares to the Raptor, it’s the dominant one. It’s sad,” Hickam Airmen reflect as uncertainty radiates through the F-22 community

“Look at it—it just looks like it’s bowed up. It’s ready to go,” Hawaii Air National Guard Master Sgt. Ryan… Read More

12 months ago

Here’s why despite the F-35’s 5th-Generation Capabilities, 4th-Generation Fighters are better in Dogfight (and in other Roles) than the Lightning II

It could be argued that 4th-generation fighters like the F-15, F-16 and F-18 will be the last of the great… Read More

1 year ago

From High Operating Costs to Low Production Run: all the Shortfalls that Killed the F-22 Raptor Programme

The F-22 Raptor is arguably the most expensive fighter the US Air Force has ever deployed operationally, costing more to… Read More

1 year ago

USS Tripoli recovers and launches the F-35B Lightning II Fifth Generation Fighter for the first time

An F-35B Lighting II from VMFA-122 touched down on the flight deck of amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli (LHA 7)… Read More

1 year ago

NATO F-35 Milestone: Denmark’s first F-35A Lightning II performs maiden flight

Denmark is joining four other European nations who already operate the F-35: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and Italy.… Read More

2 years ago

This F-22 is the last Raptor to receive structural modifications to increase total flying hour serviceability by 8,000 hours.

The 574th AMXS recently completed the last aircraft to go through the F-22 Structural Repair Program that has been generating… Read More

2 years ago

Here are the criteria that define jet fighters generations (along with several examples of every generation)

Jet fighters generations are categories created to separate major technology leaps in the historical development of jet fighters. Jet fighters… Read More

3 years ago

Here’s how MBDA’s ASRAAM, Meteor and SPEAR 5th generation missiles maximize F-35’s advanced capabilities in both the air-to-air and air-to-surface missions

ASRAAM, Meteor and SPEAR offer selectable precision, extended range, and network-centric effects that are optimised for the F-35 and the… Read More

3 years ago

Alaska’s Eielson AFB receives first two F-35 stealth fighters out of 54 scheduled to arrive by 2021

With the arrival, Eielson is now Pacific Air Forces’ first base to house the fifth-generation fighter aircraft. Taken on Apr.… Read More

3 years ago

Russian Su-57 Felon Stealth Fighter Crashes during Testing, Pilot Ejects Safely

First Sukhoi Su-57 Felon Crash. A Sukhoi Su-57 Felon fifth-generation fighter crashed during routine factory test flight in Taiga… Read More

3 years ago