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The Black Arrows and the story of the World record "22 Hunter Loop" formation
"All the Hunters are now standing vertically on their tails. For better or worse we are now virtually committed to completing this loop in some fashion or other. From this attitude there is little one can safety do with so many aircraft, other than loop them. It is the point of no return!" Squadron Leader Roger L.Topp The Black Arrows, one...
Watch LM-100J Super Hercules doing a loop at Farnborough Airshow
At 2:08 in the video the LM-100J does a loop! Taken on Jul. 17, 2018 at Farnborough Airshow the incredible video in this post features Test pilot Wayne Roberts, flying the Lockheed LM-100J Super Hercules, showing the aircraft amazing flying qualities (at 2:08 the aircraft does a loop!). "While the LM-100J is known for its cargo delivery capabilities, the aircraft has been cited...