That time a Cuban-flown Angolan MiG-23 accidentally fired two missiles at a BAe 125 business jet carrying the president of Botswana
For unknown reasons, the Angolan MiG-23 fired a missile, which blew the starboard engine clean off the BAe 125. A second missile hit the same engine after it had already left the aircraft In mid-1988 Cuba and the Soviet Union agreed to a phased withdrawal from First Angolan Civil War in exchange for a South African withdrawal and agreement to...
MiG-23 Vs Mirage F.1: when Cuban-flown Angolan Floggers clashed with South African Mirages
The SAAF had to admit that - thanks to the superior armament of the Cuban-flown MiG-23MLs - Angola was now in possession of air superiority Located in south-central Africa, the Republic of Angola is a former Portuguese colony. It remained a Portuguese overseas province from the 16th century until it gained independence on Nov. 1, 1975, following the end of...