F-35 Lightning II

US declines sale of F-35s to Thailand and offers F-16 Block70 and F-15EX instead. But the Royal Thai Air Force is considering the purchase of the Saab Gripen E.

US declines sale of F-35s to Thailand and offers F-16 Block70 and F-15EX instead. But the Royal Thai Air Force is considering the purchase of the Saab Gripen E.

The Royal Thai Air Force said its proposed procurement of F-35 fighter jets has fallen through due to time constraints.… Read More

1 week ago

Naval Aviator explains why the F-35 can give the F-22 fits in BVR while 4th Gen Fighters have 1:100 chance at best to beat the Raptor

‘Where the F-35 Lightning II would give the F-22 fits would be BVR. The primary advantage the Raptor has, first… Read More

3 weeks ago

The Su-57 Felon is marketed as stealth fighter but It has the same RCS of clean F/A-18 Super Hornet (and 1,000 times bigger than that of the F-35). Here’s why.

The Su-57 is nowhere near F-35 for similar reasons as to why F/A-18 Super Hornets are nowhere near F-35. The… Read More

4 weeks ago

Former Lockheed Martin Flightline Quality Assurance Manager explains why the first F-35s required chilled fuel if temperatures on the day of flight were above 80°F

‘The F-35 is the most advanced fighter jet to date in terms of technology and that requires tremendous amount… Read More

1 month ago

William Tell competition resumes after nineteen years and will showcase the air-to-air capabilities of USAF and ANG F-22, F-35 and F-15 Eagle units

The historic competition is named after the legendary Swiss archer and was biennial competition that encouraged the most challenging… Read More

2 months ago

New F-22 Formal Training Unit at Joint Base Langley-Eustis receives first of 30 Raptor stealth fighter jets

The 71st Fighter Squadron welcomed its first two F-22 Raptors, tails AF040 and AF042, from Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB),… Read More

2 months ago

China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon acts as mock F-35 Lightning II during air defense exercise

In recent air defense exercise, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army utilized a People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-20 stealth… Read More

2 months ago

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall reveals that the USAF Plans to buy 200 NGAD Fighter Jets and 1,000 Collaborative Combat Aircraft

The USAF will field 200 NGAD fighter jets and notionally 1,000 Collaborative Combat Aircraft, and will request funds in the… Read More

3 months ago

Former US Navy Operations Specialist explains how the F-35 coupled with the AGM-88E AARGM-ER will be able to effectively counter Russian S-400/S-500 SAMs

Thanks to its stealthiness, the F-35 will become the main platform for the SEAD/DEAD mission in the coming decade. As… Read More

3 months ago

Pilot Error After ‘Sierra Hotel Break’ behind last year South China Sea F-35C Lightning II Crash

An F-35C Joint Strike Fighter belonging to Strike Fighter Squadron 147 (VFA-147) “Argonauts” was lost on Jan. 24, 2022 due… Read More

4 months ago

The F-22 Raptor scores its second aerial kill after shooting down “high-altitude object” over Alaska by means of another AIM-9X Sidewinder

The F-22 has fired another AIM-9X missile to shot down an aerial object. This time it took place over Alaska.… Read More

4 months ago

USAF Operational Test and Evaluation Center Commander is the first general officer to be certified as fifth-generation aggressor pilot on the F-35A Lightning II

Brig. Gen. Trey “Lou” Rawls, who commands the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, became the first general officer… Read More

4 months ago

CH-53K King Stallion lifts F-35C Lightning II in external load test

The F-35C and rigging weighed about 22,000 pounds. The CH-53K is currently cleared to conduct 27,000-pound external lift and… Read More

4 months ago

Northrop Grumman is developing AN/APG-85, the Next Generation Radar for the F-35 Lightning II

The AN/APG-85 is an advanced multifunction sensor that will be compatible with all variants of the F-35 aircraft and will… Read More

5 months ago

F-35 conducts first flight with Technology Refresh 3, the modernized hardware needed to power Block 4 capabilities

A developmental test team from the 461st Flight Test Squadron conducted the first flight of an F-35 in the Technology… Read More

5 months ago

Canada Announces The Procurement Of The F-35 Lightning II: the RCAF will receive 88 F-35A multirole stealth fighters

The Government of Canada announced on Jan. 9, 2023 it is procuring Lockheed Martin's 5th Generation F-35 Lightning II aircraft… Read More

5 months ago

Pentagon halts F-35, F135 engine deliveries Pending Texas F-35B Crash Investigation

Deliveries of both the F-35 stealth fighter and F135 engine are on hold as Naval Air Systems Command continues its… Read More

5 months ago