Vietnam could buy the F-16 Block 70/72, the newest and most advanced Viper production configuration

Vietnam could buy the F-16 Block 70/72, the newest and most advanced Viper production configuration

The Biden administration is in talks with Vietnam over an agreement for the largest arms transfer in history between the… Read More

1 week ago

US Navy Operations Specialist explains why despite the Ukraine F-16 delivery delay the Viper will turn things for the better in Kyiv’s favor

‘The time it takes to deploy the F-16, will not change how Russia defends itself against them. Russia’s only recourse… Read More

3 weeks ago

ANG F-16 pilots who were tasked to ram United Airlines Flight 93 recall being ready to Sacrifice their Lives on 9/11

“Sass would ram his aircraft into the cockpit where the terrorists were, to destroy the flight controls, I would take… Read More

3 weeks ago

First Slovak Viper unveiled: the Slovak Air Force will be the first European country to receive the F-16 Block 70, the most capable version of the Fighting Falcon

The first Slovak Air Force F-16 Viper Block 70 (tactical number 1001) will perform its maiden flight in November. The… Read More

4 weeks ago

Lockheed Martin to establish European F-16 Training Center in Romania to train Ukrainian Viper pilots (and F-16 drivers from other regional operators)

“Once details are finalized, we are confident the training center will ultimately benefit Romania and other regional F-16 operators, including… Read More

1 month ago

The Story of the F-16 CCV, the Viper that Could Turn Without Banking

The F-16 CCV concept entails “decoupling” the aircraft’s flight control surfaces so that they can operate independently. This approach enables… Read More

1 month ago

Aviano F-16 that shot down three Serbian J-21 Jastreb fighters in 1994 Flying Missions to Deter Iran

Three green stars are plainly visible on the F-16, tail 2137. The F-16 is forward deployed to CENTCOM from Aviano… Read More

2 months ago

Holloman receives Luke F-16 heritage jets with custom paint schemes as part of 49th Wing and 309th Fighter Squadron Fighting Falcon “block swap”

The 309th Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base initiated an F-16 Fighting Falcon “block swap” with the 49th Wing… Read More

3 months ago

The story of Package Q Airstrike, the largest operational F-16 mission of all time that made USAF realize that big formations weren’t as good as stealthy precision strikes

The ‘Package Q Airstrike' took place on Jan. 19, 1991 and it was the largest combined strike of Operation Desert… Read More

3 months ago

Meet Capt. Charles “Atlas” Boynton, the USAF F-16 pilot that overcame Cancer

Soon after Charles “Atlas” Boynton started training on the T-38s, he could tell something was physically wrong. He felt extreme… Read More

3 months ago

F-16 Viper on celluloid — The story of the Iron Eagle series

While Top Gun showed off the F-14 Tomcat to its advantage, the F-16 Fighting Falcon had the very questionable Iron… Read More

3 months ago

Japan to consider export of Used JASD F-15 P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan engines to Indonesia to be installed in TNI-AU F-16 Fighter Jets

TNI-AU fields 24 ex-USAF F-16C/D Block 25 airframes modified to Block 32 standards. These jets use the P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan… Read More

3 months ago

Operation Opera: the story of how Israeli Air Force F-16 Netz fighter bombers destroyed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor

The Israel Defence Force/Air Force delayed their own mission long enough to get the machines it needed for the attack… Read More

4 months ago

US declines sale of F-35s to Thailand and offers F-16 Block70 and F-15EX instead. But the Royal Thai Air Force is considering the purchase of the Saab Gripen E.

The Royal Thai Air Force said its proposed procurement of F-35 fighter jets has fallen through due to time constraints.… Read More

4 months ago

AirLand Battle, the F-16 Vs the A-10, the Aborted A-16 and the story of why the Viper’s CAS Variant failed to replace the Warthog

Some armament folks said they could match the 30 mm cannon in the A-10 with a pod-mounted cannon for the… Read More

4 months ago

Close Cousins: IAI Lavi versus F-16 Viper

Some experts feel that the performance of the IAI Lavi would be broadly comparable to today's F-16C/D Viper in most… Read More

5 months ago