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This cool F-20 promotional video (featuring an intro by super ace Chuck Yeager) will make you want a Tigershark so bad
In his autobiography, which he wrote after the F-20 was canceled, Yeager touted the Tigershark as "magnificent." The cool F-20 promotional video in this post was taken in the 1980s and features an intro by super ace Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, who at the time was a spokesperson for Northrop. In his autobiography, which he wrote...
Remembering the F-16/79, the low cost Viper powered by the J79 turbojet engine
Test pilots reported that the F-16/79 demonstrated the same 9G capability of the basic F-16, but the former seemed to perform easily at or near Mach 2 In response to President Jimmy Carter's February 1977 directive to curtail arms proliferation by selling only reduced-capability weapons to foreign countries, General Dynamics privately developed a modified export-oriented version of the F-16A/B designed...