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USAF to convert F-15C Formal Training Unit at Kingsley Field into a third F-35A FTU, drops F-15EX schoolhouse project to replace Oregon National Guard Eagles

USAF to convert F-15C Formal Training Unit at Kingsley Field into third F-35A FTU, drops F-15EX schoolhouse project to replace Oregon National Guard Eagles

The decision to place the F-35A training squadron at Kingsley Field supersedes the previous announcement in 2020 that placed the… Read More

2 weeks ago

Did you know ‘wrong’ MiG-29 Kill Markings representing no known country were applied to USAF F-15C Jets after Operation Allied Force?

At the time, Google wasn’t really thing, so it was hard to just look up what a Serb flag… Read More

1 month ago

F-15C #86-0156, the only Eagle to score two MiG-29 kills, retires to the National Museum of the US Air Force

On Apr. 25, 2023 F-15C #86-0156, the only Eagle to score two MiG-29 kills, has been retired to the National… Read More

1 month ago

Kadena Bids Farewell to the mighty F-15C/D Eagle after 44 Years of Air Superiority in the Indo-Pacific

“Kadena-based F-15C/D Eagles have ensured air superiority for decades to uphold free and open Indo-Pacific,” USAF Gen. Ken Wilsbach,… Read More

2 months ago

The kills scored by USAF F-15C Eagle pilots against IrAF aircraft after Operation Desert Storm Ceasefire

Post-war CAPs were usually quite uneventful, and the biggest enemy that threatened most F-15C Eagle pilots during this period was… Read More

3 months ago

Delay and Disrupt Doctrine and strict Rules of Engagements: why US Navy F-14 Tomcats engaged less MiGs than USAF F-15s during Operation Desert Storm

No doubt, ROEs favoured the USAF F-15C crews. However, this did not mean that the US Navy F-14s did not… Read More

4 months ago

Did you know this Marine Aviator scored the last recorded USMC air-to-air kill and he did it while he was flying USAF F-15C Eagle?

On Jan. 17, 1991, Marine Capt. Charles “Sly” Magill flying F-15C 85-0107 was leading a flight of eight F-15s on… Read More

5 months ago

USAF F-15C Pilot recalls DACT sorties she had against F-16s and F-18s and explains why experience (rather than the aircraft you fly) is everything in dogfight

‘All 3 have their strengths and weakness in a visual fight. It will come down to training.’ Shari Williams, former… Read More

5 months ago

ANG F-15C pilot explains how he was able to score gun kill against a TOPGUN student F/A-18F in a Mock Dogfight

“From the control zone, I was able to get a gun shot on the F/A-18F before we had to terminate… Read More

5 months ago

14 F-15 Eagle fighters from Kadena air base have reached Kingsley Field. The jets were ‘Code-1’ within 24-hours of their arrival.

The 173rd Fighter Wing will send seven of the F-15 Eagle fighter jets to guard units in California, Massachusetts, and… Read More

6 months ago

Kadena bids F-15 farewell as phased withdrawal begins. First Eagles Leave the base for ANG Units or the Boneyard.

Some F-15 Eagle fighter jets will continue service at various ANG units across the US while others will go to… Read More

6 months ago

F-15C pilot explains why Cold War USAF Eagle Drivers loved RCAF CF-18’s Fake Canopy

RCAF CF-18s feature several differences compared to standard F/A-18As, like fake cockpit outline painted on the bottom. The CF-188 Hornet,… Read More

6 months ago

Kadena Lines Up Six Kinds of Aircraft for Elephant Walk on the same day US Defense Secretary asks his Chinese counterpart to refrain from further destabilizing actions toward Taiwan

The demo included HH-60G Pave Hawks, F-15C Eagles, F-22A Raptors, KC-135 Stratotanker, an E-3 Sentry and an RC-135 Rivet… Read More

7 months ago

The weird story of the USAF F-15C Eagle pilot that scored 3 kills during Operation Desert Storm and donated one to his section leader

On Feb. 6, 1991 section of two F-15Cs were living BARCAP along the Iraq/Iran border when they engaged and… Read More

7 months ago

USAF rotating about dozen F-22 Raptor stealth fighters into Kadena Air Base as F-15C Eagles begin withdrawal

About a dozen F-15 jets will return to the US within a few weeks, while around the same number of… Read More

7 months ago

USAF to begin withdrawing F-15s from Kadena in November. As the Eagles retire, the service will rotate newer and more advanced fourth- and fifth-generation fighters to take their place.

The Pentagon is still weighing whether to eventually have squadrons of fighters permanently deployed to Kadena, or to stick with… Read More

7 months ago

End of an Era: last 493rd Fighter Squadron commander of the Eagle era recalls the last years of the Mighty F-15C at RAF Lakenheath

In 2022, the Grim Reapers transition to the F-35A Lightning II, closing the chapter of the F -15C Eagle in… Read More

8 months ago