F-15 Eagle

USAF Museum to paint the F-15 Streak Eagle to match the record setting time period

USAF Museum to paint the F-15 Streak Eagle to match the record setting time period

The F-15 Streak Eagle The National Museum of the US Air Force announced on its Facebook page on Nov. 9,… Read More

7 months ago

Eagle Vs Tomcat Vs Hornet: the F-15 in Dissimilar Fighting against legendary F-14 crews and why F-15 Pilots liked the Fake Canopies painted on CF-188s

The F-15 Eagle The F-15 is a twin-engine, high-performance, all-weather air superiority fighter. First flown in 1972, the Eagle entered… Read More

7 months ago

F-14 Vs F-15: Tomcat and Eagle crews explain why trying to determine which was the better fighter is a pointless exercise

F-14 Tomcat The F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 Eagle are two of the best (and two of the most beautiful)… Read More

8 months ago

The story of the Celestial Eagle, the only F-15 fighter jet to destroy a satellite

The F-15 Eagle The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather fighter designed to gain and maintain air supremacy. As the first… Read More

9 months ago

Is the F-15 perfect combat record of over 100 victories and zero defeats true? The Rumours of the Eagle Jet Fighters Shot Down in Air-to-Air Combat

Have any F-15 Eagles been lost in air-to-air combat? Rumours are that some have. The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather,… Read More

9 months ago

SR-71 pilot recalls when he accelerated his Blackbird to Mach 3.2 and denied an F-15 pilot an “easy,” simulated kill against its Habu during a training sortie

The SR-71 Blackbird During its 24 years of service, the SR-71 Blackbird gathered intelligence in some of the world’s most… Read More

10 months ago

170 F-14s could provide the same level of Defense as 290 F-15s but USAF bought the Eagle instead of the Tomcat. Here’s why.

The F-14 Advancements during the Cold War in Soviet long range patrol and bomber aircraft dictated a requirement for a… Read More

10 months ago

Aggressor Fulcrums: the story of the Soviet Air Force MiG-29 Unit Tasked to Simulate USAF F-15 Eagle Fighter jets

Some MiG-29s were painted up to make them resemble the F-15 – the wingtips and stabilator tips were painted yellow… Read More

10 months ago

Florida Air National Guard begins retiring its beloved F-15C/D Eagle fighter jets. They will be replaced by F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters.

Florida ANG replacing F-15C/D with F-35A On Aug. 14, 2023, at Jacksonville Air National Guard Base (ANGB) Maj. Brannon Ferguson,… Read More

10 months ago

173rd FW ‘Eagle Driver’ becomes the first ANG fighter pilot selected to be a Thunderbird demonstration pilot

First ANG Thunderbird pilot The US Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, known as the “Thunderbirds”, recently announced the latest addition… Read More

10 months ago

USAF Wants to Cut F-15E Strike Eagle Fleet in Half by 2028 to Focus on Modernizing

USAF plans to cut more than 100 F-15E fighter bombers The US Air Force (USAF) plans to cut more than… Read More

11 months ago

Japan to consider export of Used JASD F-15 P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan engines to Indonesia to be installed in TNI-AU F-16 Fighter Jets

TNI-AU fields 24 ex-USAF F-16C/D Block 25 airframes modified to Block 32 standards. These jets use the P&W F100-PW-220 turbofan… Read More

12 months ago

Wild Weasel EWO explains why the F-4G had a small chance to survive a DACT engagement with the F-15 Eagle but no chance with the F-16 Viper

‘The small chance we had against an F-15 Eagle was gone against the F-16 Viper. Not even putting down the… Read More

1 year ago

F-15 Eagle Vs F-16 Fighting Falcon Vs F/A-18 Hornet/Super Hornet: the Aircrews’ Perspective

F-15 Vs F-16 Vs F/A-18: how would these exceptional fighter jets fare one versus the other in a dogfight? The… Read More

1 year ago

SR-71 pilot explains why the F-15 radar couldn’t see the Blackbird during Eagle Bait sorties

‘One of the interesting discoveries from the Eagle Bait was that F-15s couldn’t even find us when everything was shut… Read More

1 year ago

Japan is trying to get rid of 200 Pratt & Whitney F100 turbofan engines belonging to its non-updated F-15J Eagle Fighter jets

Half of the 200 F-15J Eagle fighter jets currently in service with the JASDF will be retired because they have… Read More

1 year ago