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Former F-106 pilot downed in 1975 tells the story of a unique high-altitude ejection
During his time at Tyndall, Damer was selected along with a fellow pilot to participate in a unique F-106 training mission. The high-altitude flight required the pilots to wear a protective flight suit. In 1975, F-106 Delta Darts lined the Tyndall flightline. The base was home to the 2nd Fighter Interceptor Training Squadron,...
Did you know the F-106 "supercruised" before the F-22? Former “Six” pilots explain the Delta Dart was the perfect bomber interceptor
“The 106’s speed and range gave us the ability to ‘…get there the firstest with the mostest,’ which of course is how the Cold Wars were won,” Mark Foxwell, former F-106 Delta Dart driver. The F-106 all-weather interceptor was developed from the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger. Originally designated F-102B, it was redesignated F-106...