Tag: F-105F Wild Weasel III

The story of the Wild Weasel Mission of Lincoln 03 and the Medal of Honor awarded to Maj. Merlyn Dethlefsen
Though he would have been in his right by USAF procedure to follow the rest of the aircraft and leave the area for Takhli, Maj. Merlyn Dethlefsen elected to take another crack at the SAM site as he knew more of his fellow pilots would be returning over the next several days.
Designated F-105F Wild Weasel III, the aircraft replaced the F-100F Wild Weasel I in the summer of 1966 and became the backbone of USAF SAM suppression during Operation Rolling Thunder The Republic F-105 Thunderchief, nicknamed the "Thud," evolved from a 1951 project aimed to replace the company F-84F fighter-bomber. The prototype YF-105A first flew in October 1955, and Republic delivered...

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