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F-105 Vs MiG-17: how a badly damaged Thud gun killed a North Vietnamese Fresco
As the F-105 slowed without afterburner the MiG overshot and Tracy fired 200 rounds of 20 mm ammunition without the aid of a gunsight… Despite its 'F-for-fighter' designation, the F-105 was designed and purchased to give the USAF an aircraft that could deliver nuclear weapons. But when the Vietnam War erupted the Thunderchief...
The story of the Wild Weasel Mission of Lincoln 03 and the Medal of Honor awarded to Maj. Merlyn Dethlefsen
Though he would have been in his right by USAF procedure to follow the rest of the aircraft and leave the area for Takhli, Maj. Merlyn Dethlefsen elected to take another crack at the SAM site as he knew more of his fellow pilots would be returning over the next several days.
Col. John "JB" Stone, the pilot who devised Operation Bolo, flies with the Wolf Pack one more time
  Over some cheap beers with Olds and critical thought of the resources available, Col. John "JB" Stone devised the plan that would later become a pivotal point in aviation history Everyone knows the moment the Wolf Pack was born in 1967 under the leadership of Robin Olds, but some may not know where the idea to disguise F-4s as F-105s...
A quick look at the F-107A Ultra Sabre, the Century Series fighter that never was
After seriously considering the production of the F-107A, the USAF instead chose to buy the F-105 Thunderchief The North American F-107A Ultra Sabre was a mid-1950s development of the successful F-100 Super Sabre. Special features of the F-107A included an engine air intake above the cockpit, an all-moving vertical fin, and a system (called a Variable Area Inlet Duct) that...
When the Hun went Downtown: the story of F-100's only attack on North Vietnamese defenses
The enemy gunners, undaunted by the repeated attacks, had continued to put up a fierce defensive fire. But the elusive tactics of the two Hun drivers had prevented a single enemy shell from finding vitals of their mounts Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabre used in the Korean War, the F-100 was U.S. Air Force's first production airplane...