The story of why the German Air Force and German Navy dubbed the F-104 Starfighter “Widow Maker”

The story of why the German Air Force and German Navy dubbed the F-104 Starfighter “Widow Maker”

The F-104 Starfighter Designed as a supersonic superiority fighter, the F-104 Starfighter was produced in two major versions. Armed with… Read More

3 months ago

Luftwaffe F-104G Starfighter pilot describes a Simulated Nuclear Strike Mission

‘I identify the target on radar for a LADD attack [‘toss bombing’] and actuate the Run-in Timer according my radar… Read More

1 year ago

Starfighters Aerospace to send an F-104 to 100th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force

Starfighters Aerospace (the US company that today operates the world’s only fleet of flight-ready F-104 supersonic aircraft) accepted an invitation… Read More

1 year ago

F-104 Starfighter Pilot tells the story of when he and his Wingman scored five Simulated Kills against an F-15B Eagle in a Single Training Mission

“The result was the two Fox-1s and three unobserved gun kills by us. They had no valid shots,” Andy Bush,… Read More

2 years ago

Did you know? Jackie Cochran was the First Woman to break the Sound Barrier (with Chuck Yeager flying the Chase Plane)

On May 18, 1953, Jackie Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier and set a women's absolute… Read More

2 years ago

Remembering the Lockheed X-27 Lancer: The Super Starfighter concept that had the potential to put at risk the development of the F-15 Eagle

A ready market existed for the Lockheed X-27 Lancer as nine European and six other nations were still operating the… Read More

3 years ago

The story of the Jordanian F-104A Starfighters that shot down a Jordanian Hunter which tried to shot down the Alouette III helicopter carrying Jordanian King Hussein

Ironically, whomever one asks in Jordan, nothing of this has ever happened (even if the name of the Hunter-pilot is… Read More

3 years ago

Former Royal Norwegian Air Force F-104 pilot tells the story of an exciting MiG-25 intercept

‘I arrived directly underneath the contact at 36,000ft and Mach 0.96. I could not believe my eyes: Was it really… Read More

4 years ago

That Time a German F-104 Starfighter Bowed Upwards the Power Lines during a Low Level Ground Attack Training sortie

The F-104 extremely short wingspan, which made it a very fast but highly unstable craft at low altitudes, didn't scare… Read More

4 years ago

The Myth of Soviet Arms and Tactics in the Middle East, Part Five: why Soviet arms perform so poorly in Arab service

The available technology and know-how just couldn’t keep up: by the time the MiG-23 ‘had to enter series production’, it… Read More

5 years ago

The Libyan Scud Attack on Lampedusa and the Italian Retaliation against Gaddafi that never was

As one of the final parts of preparation for the Italian retaliation against Libya, a single Italian Air Force RF-104G… Read More

5 years ago

Starfighter 4 Eagle 0: that time two F-104s scored four simulated kills against an F-15B in a single training mission

The debriefing was a hoot. I especially liked the part where the Eagle guy played his recorder and we heard… Read More

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The Lockheed Lancer could have outperformed most of the fighters then serving in the world's air forces Designed as a… Read More

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The Starfighter got off to a very bad start in Germany when, in Jun. 1962, four F-104s were practicing for… Read More

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