F-100 Super Sabre

Video shows F-100 pilot crashing after fatal “Sabre Dance”

Video shows F-100 pilot crashing after fatal “Sabre Dance”

F-100 Super Sabre Developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabre used in the Korean War, the F-100 was the world’s first production airplane… Read More

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“Wild Weasel sighted SAM site—Destroyed same.” The story of Wild Weasel’s First Kill

The F-100F Wild Weasel After the single-seat, supersonic F-100 fighter entered service in 1954, it developed a high accident rate,… Read More

3 months ago

B-52 pilot recalls when he and his crew had to eject after their BUFF was shot down by a USAF F-100 Super Sabre

‘I heard F-100 pilot 1st Lt. James W van Scyoc call "Look out! My Missile’s fired". We were on autopilot… Read More

9 months ago

F-100 Thunderbird pilot tells the story of when his Super Sabre exploded during the Bomb Burst after the wings came off due to fatigue damage in the wing center box

“I start the aggressive [6.5-G] pull into the vertical—and the aircraft explodes.... Any F-100 pilot who hears a loud 'BANG!'… Read More

12 months ago

Yes, it’s Gold! Iowa ANG F-16A static display gets an all-gold paint scheme to celebrate ANG history

Last week the Iowa Air National Guard unveiled a historic fighter jet of their own; a retro 50th anniversary, down… Read More

2 years ago

Su-15 Vs F-100: why Flagon fighter jets were never able to intercept Turkish Super Sabres violating Soviet airspace

The lone Su-15 proved incapable of intercepting the F-100s, because its radar lacked `look-down/shoot-down' capability. Closed in 1949, the Sukhoi… Read More

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After seriously considering the production of the F-107A, the USAF instead chose to buy the F-105 Thunderchief The North American… Read More

2 years ago

Yugoslavia chose the MiG-21 over the Mirage III but the conversion to the Fishbed was plagued by problems

A study by the RV i PVO concluded that, `MiG-pilots are not capable of interceptor-operations at speeds above Mach 1.3.'… Read More

3 years ago

How the Delta 2 supersonic research aircraft broke the world air speed record beating that held by the F-100 Super Sabre

It was the ease with which the aeroplane passed into the supersonic regime, with none of the violent behaviour experienced… Read More

4 years ago

Hun Pilots remember when they ‘dogfighted’ British Lightnings and Hunters at RAF Gütersloh over Germany

‘When we would RTB, we would invariably get ‘tapped’ by the Brits flying Hawker Hunters and English Electric Lightnings…in the… Read More

4 years ago

The Story of the First, Ill Fated F-100 Super Sabre Combat Mission of the Vietnam War

"The first F-100 combat mission was a disaster — what we used to call a 'group grope','' Capt Lloyd Houchin,… Read More

4 years ago

Tragic video shows F-100 pilot crashing after fatal “Sabre Dance”

Fatal “Sabre Dance” This silent reel of footage comes from the North American Aviation film library and was used for… Read More

5 years ago

This pilot scored F-100’s only (probable) MiG Kill of the Vietnam War

Capt Don Kilgus pursued a MiG-17 in a steep dive from 20,000 ft down to 7000 ft, firing several bursts… Read More

5 years ago

The F-100 Super Sabre in Vietnam and the hazardous ‘Night Owl” CAS missions

"The usual method of becoming 'Night Owl Qualified' was strap an aircraft tightly to your body, takeoff with one of… Read More

6 years ago

SLUF Vs Hun: former USAF pilot explains why the A-7 outclassed the F-100 in the ground attack role

"The mission was to drop bombs and destroy the target, and the A-7's ability to drop great bombs is unprecedented.… Read More

6 years ago