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Former Blackbird pilot tells the story of one of only two successful SR-71 Barrier Engagements
“There were only two barrier engagements recorded at the time, and fortunately, ours was the successful one,” Colonel (Ret) James H. Shelton Jr., former SR-71 pilot. Colonel (Ret) James H. Shelton Jr. spent over nine years at Beale Air Force Base (AFB), six years flying the SR-71. He was the fifth SR-71 crewmember...
The story behind this A-3 Skywarrior Crash Landing aboard USS Coral Sea
“Actually, living through the landing wasn't as bad as seeing it on film later that day,” Frank Peele former A-3 Skywarrior crewman/navigator. Taken in 1963 the interesting video in this post features a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior crash landing aboard USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier. At 0:30 in fact an A-3 comes in...
This A-7 Corsair made an emergency barricade landing with live ordnance aboard USS John F. Kennedy
When the A-7 was launched from the catapult an incorrect weight estimation caused the aircraft to outrun the shuttle. The shuttle caught up with the aircraft before it departed the deck and impacted the left nose wheel assembly, causing it to break Built by LTV Aerospace Corporation (the same company that produced the iconic F-8 Crusader), the A-7 Corsair II replaced...