Distinguished Flying Cross

Col. Joe Kittinger, USAF Fighter Pilot, POW and Longtime Freefall Record Holder Passed Away

Col. Joe Kittinger, USAF Fighter Pilot, POW and Longtime Freefall Record Holder Passed Away

Retired USAF Col. Joe Kittinger, whose 1960 parachute jump from almost 20 miles above the Earth stood as a world… Read More

2 years ago

This A-10C pilot received the Distinguished Flying Cross for exceptional flying skill by BRRRRTTTTing as close as five meters from friendly forces

“The quality training the A-10 community provided and faith in the superb capability of the A-10 gun system helped us… Read More

2 years ago

Largest Distinguished Flying Cross ceremony in Decades honors 51 Airmen for heroic efforts during Operation Allies Refuge

Despite the dangerous conditions, crews successfully landed their aircraft without lighting and executed mission maneuvers to minimize time on the… Read More

2 years ago

SR-71 pilot tells the story of when he and his RSO were able to save their Blackbird after it had an engine explosion above 60,000 feet and Mach 2.5

Blackbird pilot Ben Bowles and RSO Butch Sheffield were presented the Air Force “Well Done” award when they saved SR-71… Read More

2 years ago

USMC KC-130J Pilot who Landed his Plane Safely in a Farmer’s Field in California after a Mid-Air Collision with an F-35B received the Distinguished Flying Cross

Marine Capt. Michael Wolff, a KC-130J pilot, was awarded the Distinguished Flying for landing “successfully after losing two engines in… Read More

2 years ago

AC-130J Ghostrider aircrew received Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal for saving 88 lives during Afghanistan battle

The AC-130J Ghostrider crew, operating under the call sign Shadow 71, provided nearly two hours of continuous close air support… Read More

3 years ago

The story of the Piper L-4H Grasshopper crew that used their Colt. 45 Pistols to shoot down a Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

"The two planes were so close I could see the Germans' eyeballs, as big as eggs, as we peppered them,"… Read More

4 years ago

Two A-10 Pilots Receive Distinguished Flying Cross for Multiple BRRRRRTTTTTTT Runs on Taliban

Tice personally executed six low-altitude passes over the forces, precisely targeted Taliban fighters at four different fighting positions expending 1,140… Read More

5 years ago

2 Shaw F-16 fighter pilots have been awarded DFC medals for saving 88 coalition soldiers in Afghanistan

According DFC citation, Nygard, an instructor pilot and flight commander, and Cruz, a search pilot, employed weapons on two separate… Read More

6 years ago

74th FS pilots have been awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for their actions in support of OIR

The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to someone who distinguishes themselves in support of operations by heroism or extraordinary achievement… Read More

6 years ago

A-10 drivers receive Distinguished Flying Cross medals for strafing mission in Syria that saved over 50 U.S. personnel

Schultz and Harvey were awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for having displayed superior flight leadership and exemplary Airmanship while engaging fighters from… Read More

6 years ago