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USAF completes investigation on why B-52H lost engine over North Dakota last year
B-52H's first stage fan disk of the Pratt & Whitney TF33 engine had failed in mid-air and caused the Number Three engine to break off the wing of the bomber A turbofan engine fell off the pod of a B-52H bomber during flight on Jan. 4 last year and the U.S. Air Force (USAF) has completed its investigation into the...
USAF to upgrade B-1B Lancer's rotary launcher
Since the ejector was originally designed to carry nuclear weapons with 30-inch lug spacing, the B-1B is limited to carrying 15 GBU-38s but can take in 24 GBU-31s The BRU-56 ejector attached to the B-1B Lancer’s rotary launcher is getting an upgrade so that the supersonic bomber can carry more smart bombs, Oriana Pawlyk reports for Military.com. "We have the largest payload,...