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Supersonic DC-8, i.e. the Concorde wasn’t the first Airliner to Break the Sound Barrier
Chuck Yeager, the first person to ever go supersonic in 1947, escorted the DC-8 during its supersonic flight in an F-104 On Aug. 21, 1961, a jet designed for commercial use became the first airliner to go supersonic. And it wasn't the famous Concorde, which wouldn't break the sound barrier until an...
This cool F-20 promotional video (featuring an intro by super ace Chuck Yeager) will make you want a Tigershark so bad
In his autobiography, which he wrote after the F-20 was canceled, Yeager touted the Tigershark as "magnificent." The cool F-20 promotional video in this post was taken in the 1980s and features an intro by super ace Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier, who at the time was a spokesperson for Northrop. In his autobiography, which he wrote...
A quick look at how you could fly and fight in the F-20 Tigershark, the super light-fighter that never was
Compared with the F-5E, the F-20 was much faster, gained beyond-visual-range (BVR) air-to-air capability, and had a full suite of air-to-ground modes capable of firing most U.S. weapons The F-20 Tigershark (initially F-5G) was a privately financed light fighter, designed and built by Northrop. Its development began in 1975. The aircraft which was a further evolution of Northrop’s F-5E Tiger...