USAF McDonnell Douglas YC-15 pilot recalls AMST program failing to replace the C-130 Hercules

USAF McDonnell Douglas YC-15 pilot recalls AMST program failing to replace the C-130 Hercules

McDonnell Douglas YC-15 Vs Boeing YC-14 The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) YC-15 was a four-engine short take-off and landing (STOL)… Read More

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C-130 Spare 617 landed safely after the cargo compartment caught fire, 2 ammo pallets exploded mid-air, 87 rounds hit its right side and engines 3 and 4 took 12 rounds of 51-cal shells

C-130 Spare 617 Originally designed by Lockheed (now Lockheed Martin) as an assault transport able to operate from unpaved airstrips,… Read More

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Here’s how the Pilot of This C-130 was able to land Safely with his Flight Engineer Dead, with his Co-Pilot Wounded, with Just One Engine

The C-130 Hercules The US Air Force (USAF) issued its original design specification in 1951, yet the remarkable C-130 remains… Read More

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The story of the RAF Phantom crew that jokingly requested fuel from an Argentine Air Force KC-130 flying over the Falklands

One of the Hercules’ men grinned at the Phantom crew and gave a thumbs up sign. Thus encouraged, Archie manoeuvred… Read More

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Cool Video shows RAF C-130 Hercules retirement Flypast Through Mach Loop

The three C-130 Hercules aircraft flew over sites of significance to the aircraft and 47 Squadron. Filmed by our friend… Read More

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RAF to bid farewell to the Mighty Hercules with a flypast that will take place across all four nations of the UK

On Jun. 14, 2023 a flypast to mark the forthcoming retirement of the C-130J Hercules from RAF service will take… Read More

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Air Mobility Command Planes Are Now Operating Without Tail Numbers, Most Markings (And Are Alarming Government Watchdogs)

Air Mobility Command directed its fleet to remove the large “U.S. AIR FORCE,” unit markings, tail numbers and other identifying… Read More

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C-130 airlifter used to refuel an M1A2 Abrams tank for the first time

The 317th AW successfully passed fuel from a C-130 to an M1A2 utilizing an Emergency Response Refueling Equipment Kit, marking… Read More

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Hercules crew members recall when their C-130 aircraft was able to Land on 2 Engines, 1 Engine and almost 0 Engine

‘If a C-130 were to lose 3 of its 4 engines in flight, the crew will be working their a***s… Read More

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USAF wants to replicate Heavy Airlift Wing model in Africa using C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft

To help with humanitarian missions, the USAF plans to call on a collection of African nations to pool funds to… Read More

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LC-130 Hercules ski-equipped aircraft will no longer require JATO after engine upgrades

LC-130 Hercules aircraft will have a smoother takeoff from Antarctica and Greenland thanks to the new T56-8-15A 3.5 engines. LC-130… Read More

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Super Herculean Milestone: Lockheed Martin delivers 500th C-130J Super Hercules Airlifter

Hercules history is made once again, with the announcement that Lockheed Martin recently delivered its 500th C-130J Super Hercules airlifter.… Read More

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From C-130 Hercules to ‘contractor dogs’: all the US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan

Yes, as the main photo in this post shows, the US troops have managed to leave behind one of Afghan… Read More

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A quick look at Israeli Air Force participation in Operation Entebbe, one of the most daring hostage rescue missions in history

The combat forces were airlifted by four C-130 cargo aircraft from the Ophir airport in southern Sinai on the afternoon… Read More

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The sad story of Tanker 130, the C-130 whose wings fall off during the 2002 fire season

In 2002, a C-130, call sign Tanker 130 owned by Hawkins & Powers Aviation of Greybull, Wyoming and operated under contract to the United… Read More

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The Pilot of This C-130 Landed Safely with his Flight Engineer Dead, with his Co-Pilot Wounded, with Just One Engine

This C-130 participated in one of the greatest feats of airmanship during the Vietnam War on Apr. 15, 1972. Originally… Read More

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