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That time a Cuban-flown Angolan MiG-23 accidentally fired two missiles at a BAe 125 business jet carrying the president of Botswana
For unknown reasons, the Angolan MiG-23 fired a missile, which blew the starboard engine clean off the BAe 125. A second missile hit the same engine after it had already left the aircraft In mid-1988 Cuba and the Soviet Union agreed to a phased withdrawal from First Angolan Civil War in exchange for a South African withdrawal and agreement to...
Such requests have been turned down as the supersonic bombers contain classified technology Tupolev Deputy CEO for Design and R&D, Valery Solozobov, told TASS that his company has received requests from wealthy individuals to convert the firm’s supersonic bombers into private business jets. “Big business tycoons in different countries (an Arab sheikh, a millionaire in Australia and a wealthy Greek among...