Bomber Command

An in-Depth Analysis of why Allied Heavy Bombing on D-Day Failed

An in-Depth Analysis of why Allied Heavy Bombing on D-Day Failed

1,300 Lancaster and Halifax bombers were incapable of neutralizing ten coastal artillery batteries on Jun. 6, 1944. 1,400 Liberators and… Read More

2 years ago

The story of Operation Millennium: the first RAF “thousand bomber raid” against Nazi Germany

Although there was heavy rain in England, the weather conditions over Germany were ideal on the night of 30/31 May,… Read More

4 years ago

The night RAF Wellington bombers strafed Italian ocean liners (used as troop ships to North Africa) Rex and Conte di Savoia

Two aircraft got down very low – to about 300ft and 390ft respectively – to attack the Italian liners Rex… Read More

4 years ago

Crossbows, Big Bens and Divers: a quick look at Allied Operations against Hitler’s V-Weapons

In July and August 1944 approximately 30 per cent of RAF Bomber Command sorties and tonnage was directed against V-1… Read More

4 years ago

Project E and the cooperation between USAF’s SAC and RAF’s Bomber Command during the Cold War

Although SAC had 380 B-52s and 1,367 B-47s by the end of 1958, compared with Britain's three V-Bombers, it is… Read More

5 years ago

The Short Stirling and the Hamburg fire raids

"We were not aware at that time of the firestorm, but we did realise that the target was well and… Read More

6 years ago