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The B-36 Peacemaker was so Huge that it transported the XB-58 Hustler prototype

The B-36 Peacemaker was so Huge that it transported the XB-58 Hustler prototype

Thanks to the massive B-36, Convair easily transported the XB-58 prototype by air from Ft. Worth TX to Wright-Patterson Air… Read More

4 days ago

Preserved [Non-flyable] Avro Vulcan XM655 suffered Runway Excursion during fast taxi run

Avro Vulcan XM655 suffered a runway excursion at Wellesbourne-Mountford airfield, UK, on Sep. 16, 2022 during the trial run for… Read More

2 weeks ago

B-17G “Wee Willie” down: the story behind the dramatic photo of the Flying Fortress with one wing blown off, plummeting to its doom

B-17G Flying Fortress “Wee Willie” had completed 127 missions and was destroyed on its 128th. The main picture in this… Read More

2 months ago

Did you know the pre-flight checklist was first introduced by Boeing following the 1935 crash of the prototype B-17 (then known as the Model 299)?

On Oct. 30, 1935, at Wright Airfield in Ohio, the Model 299 (as B-17 prototype was known) lifted off, climbed… Read More

2 months ago

Of Backfires and Kitchens: the importance of Integrated Air Defense Systems during Cold War, whose echoes resonate and literally explode in Ukraine today

The unusually ‘large’ air strike run by Tupolev Tu-22M-3 Backfires of the VKS via the airspace of Belarus on north-western… Read More

3 months ago

“Things don’t look rosy for our big cities:” Here’s what the Luftwaffe’s leadership thought of the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress bomber

What did the Luftwaffe’s leadership think of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber? The B-17 Flying Fortress is one of the… Read More

5 months ago

The All American ‘donkey:’ the story of the Jet-Propelled ‘Pusher’Aircraft (that never was) aimed to boost the B-47 Stratojet on Takeoff

Because early jet engines could not provide enough power the lack of adequate thrust at takeoff was a constant problem… Read More

6 months ago

Dumb Bombs for Dumb Things: VKS reactivates 70-Year-Old FAB-3000M-46 bombs not suitable for Fast Jets to arm its Tupolev Tu-22M3 Supersonic Bombers to strike Ukraine

Deploying FAB-3000M-46s from Tu-22 would be like if the RFA would have pulled some of ISU-152 assault guns from museums,… Read More

6 months ago

RB-36 Crew Member recalls when his Peacemaker Pilot did a Chandelle Maneuver on Takeoff during an Airshow and, on a separate occasion, did an Emergency Landing with a Loose Flap

‘During my three years at Ellsworth Air Force Ease I had two events that I call outstanding,’ A/1C Ralph Whitaker… Read More

6 months ago

Here’s why the Horten Ho 229 WW II German low-drag Bomber may have been the First Stealth Aircraft (although it Never Entered Service)

If it were true that the Horten Ho 229 was conceived not only as a low-drag bomber but also to… Read More

7 months ago

The Dogfight where a USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress bomber shot down a Japanese Kawanishi H6K ‘Mavis’ flying boat

In the Pacific, the B-17 Flying Fortress earned a deadly reputation with the Japanese, who dubbed it four-engine fighter. The… Read More

9 months ago

Boeing aims to start testing external hypersonic missile pylon for B-1 Lancer bomber in September 2022

Since the B-52 is up for modernization and until the full use of the B-21, which is due at Dyess… Read More

1 year ago

The B-58 Mach 2 bomber was Sexy, but Hard to Fly. Here’s why the Hustler was one of the most controversial designs in history of aviation.

Although the B-58 had its issues pilots and crews were in awe of it. Flying the Hustler was the pinnacle… Read More

1 year ago