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Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 787 returns to airport after mother forgets her baby at the airport
“This flight is requesting to come back…a passenger forgot her baby in the waiting area, the poor thing,” ATC operative. Kuala Lumpur-bound Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV832 set off from Jeddah, but the pilot requested to turn back after a passenger told crew she had forgotten her baby in the boarding area of...
British Airways to paint Boeing 747 in retro BOAC Paint Scheme
The BOAC 747 will be the first aircraft to receive a popular design from British Airways’ past As part of its 100-year birthday, British Airways has announced on Jan. 21, 2019 it will be painting a Boeing 747 in the much-admired design of its predecessor British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).
Boeing 787 conducts testings at Edwards AFB
Periodically, aviation industry companies are provided the opportunity to conduct flight tests at Edwards given the base's unique test assets such as multiple runways, a controlled airspace, large dry lakebeds and flying weather Taken on Aug. 14, 2017 the interesting picture in this post features a Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off after a touch-and-go landing at Edwards Air Force Base...
RAF pilot draws a giant penis in the skies over Lincolnshire
"Apollo 11" Typhoon's flight path was tracked on FlightRadar24 website, which showed the aircraft taking some very deliberate turns to follow the phallic outline As reported by the Daily Mail, on Aug. 24, 2017, a Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighter pilot left aviation enthusiasts shocked after 'drawing' a 35-mile large penis on radars monitoring Britain's skies. "Apollo 11" Typhoon's flight...