Boeing 707

The day Boeing test pilot Alvin “Tex” Johnston Barrel Rolled the prototype of the Boeing 707

The day Boeing test pilot Alvin “Tex” Johnston Barrel Rolled the prototype of the Boeing 707

Boeing Company President William Allen asked “Tex” Johnston: “What the hell were you doing?” He replied “I was selling airplanes.”… Read More

3 months ago

That time Air Force One Carrying President Clinton had one of its wheels stuck in the mud at University of Illinois Willard Airport

On Jan. 28, 1998, as Boeing VC-137C SAM 27000 Air Force One began its departure out of Willard Airport, the… Read More

4 months ago

Airline pilot explains why future passenger jets could be Windowless

Boeing built its first windowless jet airliners in the 1960s—and they flew as passenger-carrying jets from 1968 to 1992. Why… Read More

4 months ago

Republic of China Air Force could rent tanker services to refuel its F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets

The chief of the Republic of China Air Force, Lt. Gen. Huang Chih Wei, told lawmakers that the service is… Read More

7 months ago

16th Airborne Command and Control Squadron flies final local sortie on E-8C JSTARS

The squadron’s ‘Fini-Flight’ follows the Air Force’s decision to divest the E-8C JSTARS aircraft fleet beginning with four aircraft in… Read More

9 months ago

Former 89th Airlift Wing Pilot explains why Gold Medal Enriched Flour was used to remove Scuff Marks of the VC-137C Air Force One

‘That’s how scuff marks on the shiny bare aluminum on the outer skin of VC-137C Air Force One were removed… Read More

12 months ago

In 1978 this Korean Air Lines Boeing 707 strayed into Soviet airspace. And Su-15 Flagon attacked it forcing the airliner to crash land.

Su-15 pilot Aleksandr I. Bosov fired a single R-98MR missile, reporting an explosion and saying that the target was losing… Read More

1 year ago

That Time Tex Johnston Barrel Rolled Boeing 367-80 (AKA Boeing 707 Prototype)

Boeing’s 367-80, nicknamed the “Dash 80” was scheduled to perform simple flyover, but Tex Johnston instead performed a barnstormer… Read More

4 years ago

Supersonic DC-8, i.e. the Concorde wasn’t the first Airliner to Break the Sound Barrier

Chuck Yeager, the first person to ever go supersonic in 1947, escorted the DC-8 during its supersonic flight in an… Read More

4 years ago

The unknown story of the RAF Phantom pilot who intercepted an Argentine Boeing 707 spy plane over the Falklands

John now manoeuvred to hold safe formation position on the Boeing 707. The Boeing, he noticed, had been painted… Read More

5 years ago

Boeing expected to block IAI’s bid to convert 767 into aerial tankers

IAI has secured deals to sell its 767 tanker to Brazil and Colombia and is threat to Boeing as… Read More

5 years ago


Contractor maintenance personnel covered three drain holes in aircraft's radar radome on the belly of the aircraft causing water from… Read More

6 years ago