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Tag: BAK-14

492nd FS F-15E successfully certifies Estonian BAK-14 cable arresting system
The BAK-14 system was paid for with FY16 European Deterrence Initiative funding which increases the capability and readiness of U.S. forces allowing for a faster response in the event of any aggression The 492nd Fighter Squadron successfully completed a BAK-14 certification and close air support training with Estonian Joint Terminal Attack Controllers, Nov. 2, at Amari Air Base, Estonia. The Madhatters...
USAF replaces old BAK-14 hook aircraft arresting system with the new BAK-14M
The new BAK-14M contains less independent parts required to operate the equipment which means less maintenance and less possibility to negatively affect the flying mission The U.S. Air Force (USAF) is phasing out the original BAK-14 hook cable support system and replacing it with the new BAK-14M. “With our runway being joint use with the Sioux Falls airport we were able...