The BUFF’s Folding Tail: an important but rarely noted Feature of all B-52 Stratofortress Strategic Bombers

The BUFF’s Folding Tail: an important but rarely noted Feature of all B-52 Stratofortress Strategic Bombers

The B-52 Stratofortress The B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, heavy bomber that can perform a variety of missions. The bomber… Read More

2 weeks ago

‘The BUFF can carry [more than] the entire weight of the Growler…in bombs!’ EA-18G pilot’s take on B-52 payload

The B-52 The B-52A first flew in 1954, and the B model entered service in 1955. A total of 744… Read More

3 weeks ago

B-52 EWO recalls the exercise where BUFF crews flying at low-level penetrated NORAD without any losses after fooling its massive surveillance system (and they did it for three years in a row)

B-52 modified for low-level flight The B-52 Stratofortress was America’s first long-range, swept-wing heavy bomber. It began as an intercontinental,… Read More

4 weeks ago

Chinese J-11 fighter jet comes within 10 feet of USAF B-52 in ‘unsafe’ and ‘unprofessional’ night time intercept

Chinese J-11 fighter comes 10 feet from USAF B-52 On Oct. 24, 2023, a People’s Republic of China J-11 pilot… Read More

1 month ago

Raytheon delivers first AESA radar for USAF B-52 Radar Modernization Program

The new B-52 radar is based on AESA technologies developed from RTX's pioneering AN/APG-79 radar. Raytheon delivered the first B-52… Read More

3 months ago

B-52 pilot recalls when he and his crew had to eject after their BUFF was shot down by a USAF F-100 Super Sabre

‘I heard F-100 pilot 1st Lt. James W van Scyoc call "Look out! My Missile’s fired". We were on autopilot… Read More

3 months ago

B-52 Operational Test and Weapons School form BUFF “Super Squadron” to develop tactics for un-fielded Stratofortress systems

Recently, the integrated squadron participated in Northern Edge 23, where they gained valuable insights into B-52 datalink modifications with Agile… Read More

4 months ago

[Updated] USAF avionics technician explains why the B-52 ailerons are bolted down, why they can’t be used and how you fly the Mighty BUFF without them

‘Well, then how do you fly a plane the size of an airliner without ailerons?’ Damien Leimbach, former USAF avionics… Read More

5 months ago

This video of a B-52 taking off in heavy crosswinds shows why it wouldn’t take much to tip over a BUFF if it didn’t have outrigger wheels

The mighty BUFF features the so-called outrigger wheels, or just outriggers. Most aircraft that have a narrow main landing gear… Read More

5 months ago

B-52H drops inert JDAM QuickStrike Extended Range mines from a standoff distance of more than 40 miles advancing maritime capabilities in a contested environment

The QS-ER mine marries the concept of a Mk64 underwater mine to that of the GBU-64v1 JDAM Extended Range variant.… Read More

6 months ago

B-21 Will Be ‘Backbone’ of Bomber Fleet, B-52 will remain in service with a projected service life of 100 years, AFGSC Boss Says

As the B-2 and B-1 will come offline in favor of the B-21, the USAF is moving from a three-bomber… Read More

9 months ago

The new engines will remain on wing for the remainder of the BUFF life: Rolls-Royce has begun testing F130 engines for the USAF B-52 Stratofortress fleet

The new engines will extend the life of the B-52 aircraft for 30 years. F130 engines are so durable they… Read More

9 months ago

B-52 pilot explains how he was able to land his BUFF after two engines on the same pylon nearly tore off following engine #5 compressor disintegration

‘Fearing what two engines departing the plane might do to my aerodynamics, to say nothing of what would happen if… Read More

10 months ago

F-4G pilot explains how he was able to escort a B-52 Raid during Operation Desert Storm after his flight of Wild Weasels was left without the Support of Tanker Aircraft

As the F-4G crew prepared to take off in ‘Michelob 61’ (F-4G 69 0270, which ended Desert Storm credited with… Read More

11 months ago

The story of the USAF B-52 Stratofortress Strategic Bomber that did a fly-by below the flight deck of USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier

In 1990 a USAF B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber was five miles out from USS Independence and asked permission to do… Read More

1 year ago

USAF to deploy B-52 bombers to RAAF Base Tindal, Australia, amid heightened tensions between the US and China

Putting B-52s in northern Australia is a warning to China, as fears grow Beijing is preparing for an assault on… Read More

1 year ago

With CERP the B-52 will get an APU made by Honeywell and will no longer require an external cart nor gunpowder cartridges for starting up its engines

Thanks to the Honeywell APU the reengined B-52 Stratofortress bomber aircraft will meet operational quick-start requirements without the use of… Read More

1 year ago