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Tag: APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar

Northrop Grumman AN/APG-83 SABR could be B-52 New Radar
Northrop Grumman’s AN/APG-83 SABR is under consideration by Boeing for the B-52 Bomber Modernization Radar System Northrop Grumman has successfully integrated the advanced AN/APG-83 SABR system onto multiple configurations of F-16 aircraft and is now taking the next step in expanding to additional platforms, including the U.S. Air Force (USAF) B-52H Stratofortress...
APG-83 integrated onto USMC F/A-18C
The APG-83 is a multifunction AESA fire control radar that delivers fifth-generation fighter capabilities to counter and defeat increasingly sophisticated threats Northrop Grumman has performed a successful integration of its APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) onto a U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) F/A-18C at MCAS Miramar. The fit check, performed Aug. 2, 2018 at the request of the Marine Corps, demonstrated...