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Here are some stunning photos of the incredible formation flight celebrating Airbus 50th Anniversary
Participating in the Airbus 50th anniversary flight were the A220, A319neo, A330neo, A350, A380 and BelugaXL along with the Patrouille de France. Airbus is 50 years and celebrated this remarkable achievement with a formation flight out of Toulouse. Participating in the flight were the A220, A319neo, A330neo, A350, A380 and BelugaXL...
Airbus, Lockheed Martin team up and offer A330 MRTT to U.S. government
“The U.S. Air Force deserves the best aerial-refueling technology and performance available under the sun and this great industry team, Lockheed Martin and Airbus, will offer exactly that,” Tom Enders, Airbus CEO Lockheed Martin and Airbus announced recently that the two companies have signed a memorandum of agreement to “explore opportunities” to meet...
Video shows Asiana Airlines A330 slicing tail of Turkish Airlines A321 during taxi at Instanbul Airport
The Turkish Airlines A321 was parked at its gate when it got struck by the A330, but the security camera footage shows that the Turkish plane was positioned too close to the taxiway when the contact happened Taken on May 13, 2018 the video in this post features an Asiana Airlines Airbus A330 slicing through the vertical stabilizer of a...