Air Force Reserve Command

First Air Force Reserve Unit set to receive the F-35 Marks historic milestone with final F-16 deployment

First Air Force Reserve Unit set to receive the F-35 Marks historic milestone with final F-16 deployment

The first Air Force Reserve Unit set to receive the F-35 The 457th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron stationed at Prince Sultan… Read More

9 months ago

C-17 Globemaster III crew planned and executed demo within 24 hours

A C-17 Globemaster III crew from the 97th Airlift Squadron was given less than 24 hours to plan and execute… Read More

2 years ago

The oldest F-16 Viper pilot in the Air Force Reserve retires one day before 60th Birthday

Serving in every military campaign since Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Lt. Col. Joseph “Hooter” Feheley’s retirement came at 59… Read More

2 years ago

Former A-10 pilot explains why taxiing in the Warthog “feels like leg day at the gym.” (Not all of the A-10s have a parking brake!)

‘The Warthog does two things quickly: shoot bullets, and taxi. That pup wants to roll,’ Lynn Taylor, former A-10 Pilot.… Read More

3 years ago

USAF reservist becomes the First F-22 pilot to clock 2,000 hours in the Raptor

On Aug. 7, 2021 Lt. Col. Ryan Pelkola, 302d Fighter Squadron director of operations, became the first pilot to reach… Read More

3 years ago

Meet Col. Trena “HaK” Savageau, the first female F-16 pilot in USAF Reserve to reach 2,000 hours in the Viper

Col. Trena “HaK” Savageau is known for breaking barriers and setting high expectations as the first female commander of the… Read More

3 years ago

Air Force Reserve Command’s first F-35A unit will be the 301st Fighter Wing in Texas

The 301st Fighter Wing can expect facility construction as early as 2021 and expect the first F-35A aircraft to arrive… Read More

3 years ago

F-15E instructor pilot reaches 4,000 flying hours in the Strike Eagle, aims to the 5,000 hour mark

Lt. Col. Eric “Dorf” Ostendorf began his flying career with the F-111 in 1991. In 1996, he transitioned to the… Read More

3 years ago

[Videos] A-10 Pilots Explains why Flying the Warthog is Greatest Job in the World

Both are US Air Force (USAF) Reserve pilots, both fly the Warthog, both like to fly low and slow and… Read More

4 years ago

Former C-5 pilot remembers his FRED Fini-flight

I participated in this local training mission solely to make my last landing on my last, “fini,” flight. This capped… Read More

5 years ago

USAF, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members join to complete historic RC-135 Rivet Joint training mission

"This flight was important as a proof of concept to show we can generate a crew and fly without undue… Read More

6 years ago


The AC-130 Gunship The AC-130 gunship (in its various versions) is a heavily armed aircraft incorporating side-firing weapons integrated with… Read More

7 years ago