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USAF to integrate into B-52 Stratofortress the AgilePod to give the Iconic BUFF advanced communications capabilities

USAF to integrate into B-52 Stratofortress the AgilePod to give the Iconic BUFF advanced communications capabilities

The B-52 Stratofortress, will soon demonstrate advanced communications capabilities through the new AgilePod, enabling a modernized, further-reaching, more secure communication… Read More

7 months ago

USAF B-1B Bombers take part in Cope India exercise for first time (The Indian Air Force would need a Squadron of Lancer Strategic Bombers urgently)

The Indian Air Force, which has reportedly toyed with the idea of acquiring modern bombers in the past, would need… Read More

8 months ago

B-21 Will Be ‘Backbone’ of Bomber Fleet, B-52 will remain in service with a projected service life of 100 years, AFGSC Boss Says

As the B-2 and B-1 will come offline in favor of the B-21, the USAF is moving from a three-bomber… Read More

9 months ago

USAF has Postponed the First Flight of the B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber to 2023

The USAF has postponed the B-21 Raider stealth bomber first flight to 2023, pushing back at least six months from… Read More

2 years ago

With last Bone flown to the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, USAF concluded its divestiture of 17 B-1B Lancers

Beginning to retire B-1B Bone legacy bombers allows USAF to pave the way for the B-21 Raider. On Sep. 23,… Read More

2 years ago

Bye-bye Bone! USAF paving way for B-21, begins retirement of B-1 strategic bomber

The 17 B-1B aircraft will be retired from the current fleet of 62 B-1s, leaving 45 in the active fleet.… Read More

3 years ago

Behind the scenes of the historic bomber trifecta flyover at Super Bowl LV

For the team planning this historic event, however – the first flyover of a major sporting event featuring a B-1B… Read More

3 years ago

B-1B fatigue test started in 2012 will end next year after simulated 73 years of flying

The plan is to stress the B-1B fuselage to a “certified service life” of 27,000 hours, while its wing is… Read More

3 years ago

USAF will continue to send all 3 types of bombers to Pacific after the end of CBP but not for extended periods

The task of having a nuclear bomber in the Pacific will now be taken up by the B-2 which will… Read More

4 years ago

USAF wants a squadron of modified B-1B bombers that can carry the AGM-183 hypersonic missile on external hardpoints

The B-1B has eight external hardpoints that were designed to carry the AGM-86B ALCM. These hardpoints were covered up except… Read More

4 years ago

USAF to retire 17 B-1B Lancer Strategic Bombers during Fiscal Year 2021

Air Force officials proposed the retirement of 17 structurally deficient B-1Bs in 2021 so that maintenance dollars and manpower can… Read More

4 years ago

Simultaneous B-52 Mission to Indo-Pacific Theater and Unarmed Minuteman III developmental test launch demonstrate US Nuclear Forces Global Strike Capabilities

Airmen demonstrated that bomber and intercontinental ballistic missile capabilities are ready to respond by displaying two-thirds of the U.S. nuclear… Read More

4 years ago

B-21 First Flight slated for December 2021, more B-52s to Come Out of Boneyard

USAF Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Stephen “Seve” Wilson said he has an application on his phone “counting down the… Read More

4 years ago

USAF B-1B fleet grounded again due to issues with ejection seat

The issue is believed to be unrelated to a problem with ejection seat (egress) components that forced a B-1 from… Read More

5 years ago

One-third of Offutt AFB Underwater, Eight RC-135 Rivet Joints and One E-4B Doomsday plane Evacuated

Four RC-135s remain parked on the other side of the flightline, which is elevated. Roughly 3,000 feet of Offutt AFB… Read More

5 years ago

This B-52 Squadron Commander has been fired for penis drawings in BUFF cockpit

Penis drawings were discovered on a moving map software displayed on the nuclear-capable B-52's Combat Network Communication Technology (CONECT) On… Read More

5 years ago


The B-52 re-engine program will have to fit in the budget at the same time as the Air Force’s new… Read More

6 years ago