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The story of the Hungarian Air Force Mi-24 pilot who scored two simulated gun kills against US Air National Guard F-15C Eagle fighter jets

The story of the Hungarian Air Force Mi-24 pilot who scored two simulated gun kills against US Air National Guard F-15C Eagle fighter jets

The Mil Mi-24 The Mil Mi-24 Hind is a large helicopter that once formed the backbone of the attack helicopter… Read More

4 months ago

Here’s why this F-22A Raptor fired an AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile while inverted

The F-22 Raptor In the mid-1990s, Lockheed Martin teamed with Boeing to develop and build the F-22 Raptor, an extremely… Read More

9 months ago

USAF F-16 shot down an unidentified flying object over Lake Huron, Michigan, by means of an AIM-9 Sidewinder

A USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet shot down an object on Feb. 12, 2023 over Lake Huron waters on… Read More

1 year ago

F-22 Raptor shoots down unidentified cylindrical object over Canada

A USAF F-22 shot down the object in Canadian territory, using an AIM 9X missile following close co-ordination between US… Read More

1 year ago

The F-22 Raptor scores its second aerial kill after shooting down “high-altitude object” over Alaska by means of another AIM-9X Sidewinder

The F-22 has fired another AIM-9X missile to shot down an aerial object. This time it took place over Alaska.… Read More

1 year ago

“FRANK01, Splash one!” Listen the Audio of the Chinese Spy Balloon Shoot Down

At 5:47 in the video you can hear an F-22 Raptor pilot calling out “FRANK01, Splash one!” after the balloon… Read More

1 year ago

NORAD revealed that Failed to detect Previous Chinese Spy Balloons flying over US highlighting a Gap in America’s air defenses

Since NORAD revealed that failed to notice previous incidents (rather than not publicizing them) shows a gap in America’s air… Read More

1 year ago

Chinese Surveillance Balloon flying over US Shot Down By F-22 by means of one AIM-9X in the first known air-to-air takedown for a Raptor

The F-22 Raptor fired the AIM-9X Sidewinder from 58,000 feet, hitting the balloon operating at around 60,000 to 65,000 feet.… Read More

1 year ago

F-15EX fires missiles from new weapon stations 1 and 9 for first time and validates the Eagle II’s 12 air-to-air missiles capacity

Once initial testing is complete, operational units receiving the new F-15EX will be able to carry and employ a full… Read More

1 year ago

US Approves sale of 100 AIM-9X, 60 AGM-84 missiles to Taiwan. Upgrade of the AN/FPS-115 PAVE PAWS radar cleared too.

On Sep. 2, 2022 the US government has cleared the sale of 60 AGM-84L-1 Harpoon Block II missiles, 100 AIM-9X… Read More

2 years ago

NAVAIR disclosed that UAE finalized agreement with the US to buy F-35A in March

UAE signed an agreement with the US to buy 50 F-35 jets and up to 18 armed drones on Jan.… Read More

3 years ago

Interesting video shows F-22A Raptor firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder while inverted

No the U.S. Air Force F-22A in the following video is not keeping up foreign relations like Maverick and Goose… Read More

4 years ago

Here’s how F-35A pilots are learning to fly the Lightning II on Beast Mode configuration

The Beast Mode configuration consists of six inert 500-pound GBU-12 laser-guided bombs, four loaded externally on the wings and two… Read More

4 years ago

Did you know the AIM-9X Air-To-Air Missile is able to strike Moving Ground Targets?

Raytheon has adapted the heat-seeking AIM-9X to strike moving targets on the ground or in the water in 2009. The… Read More

4 years ago


The intercept, which took place on Nov. 23, 2017, was initiated because the Russian aircraft did not broadcast the appropriate… Read More

6 years ago


The Su-35 matches or even exceeds the capabilities of the latest upgrades for the F-15 As we have already explained… Read More

7 years ago