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The story of the A-7 Pilot that took part in the Rescue of Lts Cunningham and Driscoll downed after their Epic Dogfight
Suddenly there was a call of 'you're on fire! Punch out! Punch out!' Somewhere a Phantom II crew was struggling to keep their burning aircraft in the air long enough to get out over the water The A-7 Corsair II was built by Vought as a replacement for the legendary A-4 Skyhawk, but while the latter aeroplane represented the most...
Designated F-105F Wild Weasel III, the aircraft replaced the F-100F Wild Weasel I in the summer of 1966 and became the backbone of USAF SAM suppression during Operation Rolling Thunder The Republic F-105 Thunderchief, nicknamed the "Thud," evolved from a 1951 project aimed to replace the company F-84F fighter-bomber. The prototype YF-105A first flew in October 1955, and Republic delivered...