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The 1959 Khrushchev visit to Washington marked the first Tupolev Tu-114 flight to America
The flight went off without a hitch and the Tupolev Tu-114 was quite the superstar when it landed at Andrews AFB At the 1955 superpower summit in Geneva, Soviet premier Khrushchev found himself embarrassed when President Eisenhower and the American delegation arrived in four-engined propliners and he arrived in a small twin-engine...
That time a RAF Phantom shot down a RAF Jaguar: the unknown story of the British Phantom's only air-to-air kill
"Keeping the Phantom in that position for about six or seven minutes, my navigator and I grinned at the cameras, struck tops of our bone domes lingeringly and flamboyantly, offered thumbs up and gestures until, eventually, the Classic captain made a classic turn onto a south-easterly course...," Alan Winkles, former Phantom driver The U.K. operated the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II as one...