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B-26 Vs Me 262: the Marauder close encounters with the jets flown by Luftwaffe’s Experten
Interrogated after the war the famed ace Adolf Galland stated the B-26 was the one Allied aircraft he least liked to attack, even when flying an Me 262 Reports of sightings of German rocket- and jet-powered fighters were widely circulated among Ninth Air Force combat groups, but until Feb. 6, 1945, none...
Robin Olds ranked #2 out of 34 for best pilot mustache, bested only by Orville Wright. Do you agree?
The list includes legendary pilots such as Adolf Galland, Chesley Sullenberger, Glenn Curtiss, René Fonck and…. Mike ‘Viper’ Metcalf Throughout history, mustaches have been worn by military men. In fact along with a sense of dash, a disrespect for authority and a dog, the male pilot should have a moustache.
The copy of the Me 109G which was flown by Adolf Galland and Robert Stanford-Tuck is up for sale
The plane was flown by legendary German ace Adolf Galland and its was on this aircraft that he made his last flight on the Me 109 A rare Hispano Buchon, the Spanish copy of the Me 109G has been put up for sale by Platinum Fighters. The warbird is extremely rare as it is the only surviving two-seater in the...