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Former US Naval Aviator provides an A-4 Vs A-7 Technical Comparison
‘It came down to a great little airplane, the A-4, being less capable overall than a larger and more efficient airplane, the A-7, which could get more bombs off the bow. For sheer fun in flying though, I'd take a Super Fox A-4 over any other aircraft,’ CAPT T.J. (Jeff) Brown, Jr.
Here are the Female Naval Aviators who will honor U.S. Navy First Female Fighter Pilot
Rosemary Mariner had personally mentored some of the women involved in the flyover On Feb. 2, 2019 the U.S. Navy will bid farewell to its first female fighter pilot with its first all-female flyover. Retired Capt. Rosemary Mariner, who served in the Navy from 1973 to 1997,...
This A-7 Corsair made an emergency barricade landing with live ordnance aboard USS John F. Kennedy
When the A-7 was launched from the catapult an incorrect weight estimation caused the aircraft to outrun the shuttle. The shuttle caught up with the aircraft before it departed the deck and impacted the left nose wheel assembly, causing it to break Built by LTV Aerospace Corporation (the same company that produced the iconic F-8 Crusader), the A-7 Corsair II replaced...
SLUF Vs Fresco: how an unarmed A-7 was able to fend off a MiG-17 in the skies over North VIietnam
Junker's SLUF was devoid of the usually standard AIM-9D Sidewinder And to make matter worse, his A-7 had no working cannon because of a run of malfunctions involving VA-146's M61s. He would have to rely on his flying skill to evade the MiG-17... Built by LTV Aerospace Corporation (the same company that produced the iconic F-8 Crusader), the A-7 Corsair...
The story of Captain Messerschmitt, the pilot who loved shooting the A-7 Corsair II's gun
"One white hat laid into me, calling me 'Captain Messerschmitt.' I thought it had to do with my German name. 'Not exactly,' he corrected, maintaining that it was actually my nickname among the 'mechs' because whenever I flew, I brought the A-7E back filthy from shooting the gun," Capt. Ralph Wetterhahn USAF exchange with VA-146 Blue Diamonds The A-7 Corsair...