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SLUF Vs Hun: former USAF pilot explains why the A-7 outclassed the F-100 in the ground attack role
"The mission was to drop bombs and destroy the target, and the A-7's ability to drop great bombs is unprecedented. It wasn't just more accurate than the F-100....lt was better than any other weapons system designed to deliver ordnance!," Captain Don Cornell The A-7D is a single-seat, tactical close air support aircraft derived from the U.S. Navy’s A-7. The first A-7D...
The A-7D SLUF and the story of an incredible nine-hour-long "Sandy" mission flown over North Vietnam
Major Clarke's A-7D made 'a very low pass' on the guns to protect the Jolly and took a hit 'by something that felt like a 57mm.' He lost all his systems and pulled up into the clouds 'with what I hoped was wings level. About that time a SAM radar picked me up, and things didn't look too good....' The...