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Tag: A-12 Oxcart

How U.S. secretly tested the A-12 RCS during the Cuban Missile Crisis
During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, nineteen SA-2 missile sites were constructed on the island supported by P-14 "Tall King" radars. Oxcart planners realized they had a unique opportunity to test the sensitivity of the latest in Soviet defense radars When the Lockheed U-2 made its first overflight of the Soviet Union...
Time to eject! A-12 pilot explains how he was able to bail out safely from his Oxcart after it went into a flat inverted spin
"In a matter of seconds, all hell broke out. Without any warning the A-12 pitched up and went into a flat inverted spin," Ken Collins, A-12 test pilot In 1959, Lockheed began work on the design of a long-range, high-altitude plane, then known as the A-11. It was a Cold War project. Heading the project team was Clarence "Kelly" Johnson,...