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The unknown story of an A-10 CAS mission performed to support Special Forces deployed in Afghanistan
Just as the A-10s and the helicopters were returning to base, the Special Forces men discovered that they had forgotten one member of the team on the ground. Immediately Stock went back to the extraction location and he saw a man wandering around that location... The now deactivated 103rd Fighter Squadron (FS) from 111th Fighter Wing (FW) has been among...
Interesting video features recollections of pilot who fly Air Force One on 9/11
Col. (Ret.) Tillman and its aircrew not only made sure the President stayed safe and got where he needed to be to lead the country, but also safely returned him back to Washington, D.C. despite increased threats The interesting video in this post is dedicated to Col. (Ret.) Mark Tillman, who flew the VC-25A tail number 29000, call sign Air...