Tag: 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing

RB-47H shot down: when a Soviet MiG-19 downed a USAF Elint plane over the Barents Sea
On the turn the MiG-19 broke away from the RB-47H before swinging back to attack with cannon fire. Two firing passes were made and the aircraft was shot down... During the second half of 1955 the USAF had re-equipped their main strategic Elint unit, the 55 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (SRW), based a Forbes AFB, Kansas, with the specially-modified RB-47H variant...
Col. Bruce Olmstead was assigned to the 55th Wing when his RB-47B reconnaissance jet was shot down on July 1, 1960 Fifty-seven years after he was shot down by the Soviet Union and later imprisoned for seven months, Col. Bruce Olmstead will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery on Jul. 27. The former RB-47 co-pilot died last October. Olmstead was assigned...