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Tag: 43(F) Squadron

South Wales to be new home of Legendary Phantom Black Mike
One year after arriving at RAF Cosford and following its successful and popular appearance at the RAF100 celebration at the 2018 Cosford Airshow, Black Mike is moving on again The British Phantom Aviation Group (BPAG) in partnership with GJD Services recently announced the latest development in the life of Phantom FG.1 XV582 'Black Mike'. One year after arriving at RAF Cosford...
That time two RAF Phantoms escorted two Soviet Bears over France because French fighters were grounded by Bastille Day celebrations
"I could not avoid a feeling of irritation when I pictured our Mirage colleagues as they attended their Bastille barbecues on this mid-summer's day," Alan Winkles, former RAF Phantom pilot "The French, without doubt, are proud of their way of life and French folk will usually be eager to claim the virtues of their je sais quoi factor. Sometimes, however, the...