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Former F-117 Pilot tells the story of when his Nighthawk was nearly shot down over Baghdad during Operation Desert Storm
“There was AAA everywhere, and I could see these big white puffs and red ropes getting closer and closer. They were gaining on me every second, and were now only 25-30 ft off my wing...” Capt James R Mastny, former F-117 Pilot The end result of the USAF's Have Blue programme launched...
UFOs, Bandits and Martians: remembering the F-117 Nighthawk retirement
The F-117 Nighthawk was so secret that Nevada folklore labeled it a UFO It’s been 10 years since the F-117 Nighthawk retired, an aircraft so secret Nevada folklore labeled it a UFO. As told by Tech. Sgt. Robert Barnett, Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs, in the article Remembering the F-117 Nighthawk, the Nighthawk pilots were known by the call...
Fireworks over Baghdad: when the F-117 stealth fighters dropped the first bombs of Operation Desert Storm
The F-117 illuminated the front door of the bunker and guided two 2,000 pound Paveway II LGBs into the target. The first blew down the door; the second one went inside and blew up the bunker. Again the F-117 pilot hit his target dead center... The Lockheed F-117 was developed in response to a U.S. Air Force (USAF) request for an aircraft...