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Kadena F-15 that crashed last year was dogfighting with an F-22
Investigators say the pilot experienced a negative G departure from controlled flight with a snap roll entry to the left that transitioned to an inverted, negative G spin. On Apr. 23, 2019 Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) released the results of its investigation into an F-15C aircraft mishap that occurred on Jun. 11, 2018,...
Stratotankers have provided the core aerial refueling capability for the USAF for nearly 60 years and have empowered fighter aircraft for generations, from the F-4 Phantom to today’s F-35 Lightning II On Mar. 14, 2017 the 909th Air Refueling Squadron (ARS) conducted the inaugural aerial-refueling mission with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 121 F-35B Lightning IIs from Marine Corps Air...