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Super Hornet/Growler Fuel Tank Stop-Check Valve Price nearly Doubled after Company Was Sold

By Dario Leone
Aug 28 2019
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The new company last sold the stop-check valve at $3,069.98 each. Previously, the same piece of equipment instead was sold by GE Aviation for $1,333.00 each.

Research by BidLink.net found that a stop-check valve being fitted inside the fuel tanks of Super Hornets and Growlers has nearly doubled in price after GE Aviation sold off the division.

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The company initially manufacturing and selling this part to the U.S. Navy and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) was GE Aviation / Smiths Aerospace up until the year 2017. GE Aviation sold this division with new company operating (at the same location) under the name Integral Aerospace, LLC. The new company last sold the valve at $3,069.98 each. Previously, the same piece of equipment instead was sold by GE Aviation for $1,333.00 each.

This stop-check valve procurement is currently open for bid again. This valve is classified under FSC 4820 Valves, Nonpowered; there are no drawings are available. DLA currently buys over 80 of these valves per year.

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This manual “stop-check valve” is assigned NSN 4820-01-559-1959, the current reference part numbers are 1180175-1 and 1200-1.  This manual stop-check valve is part of the F/A-18 aircraft fuel tank. Several variants of F/A-18s use this valve including the F/A-18 Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler.

DLA and its agencies are constantly looking to qualify new manufacturers on parts that have no drawings.  Reverse engineering helps both the new manufacturer as well as the US Military.  The new manufacturer potentially obtains new business and the Government secures a new source.  Some companies’ entire businesses exist on becoming new sources.  Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers may also end up purchasing products from the new source.  

Photo credit: U.S. Navy

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Dario Leone

Dario Leone

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