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Sukhoi Su-34 Pilot who stood next to Assad and Putin in 2016 Photo was flying one of the eight Russian Aircraft shot down over Ukraine today

It looks like it’s raining in Ukraine today: A Mi-24 was shot down, then a Su-30SM, a Su-34, another Su-34, a Mi-28, a Mi-35 and two Mi-8s – most of these in the Bashtanka region of the Mykolaiv Oblast.

It looks like it’s raining in Ukraine today….

A Mi-24 was shot down, then a Su-30SM, a Su-34, another Su-34 (both the Fullbacks were from Chelyabinsk. probably 399 BAP), a Mi-28, a Mi-35 and two Mi-8s – most of these in the Bashtanka region of the Mykolaiv Oblast.

Please mind: we are updating data as new info is coming in.


Su-34, ‘Red 24’, shot down over Chernihiv. One crewmember was certain Major Krasnoruchev. Is not going to ring any bells to most of you. It does ring an alarm bell for me – because he was so proudly standing next to Assad (and Putin) for photographers, back in 2016.

Now pay attention: the jet he flew was repeatedly photographed while wearing the insignia of the Akhtubinsk State Flight Test Centre (also known as Valery Chkalov 929 GLIT). And it was hit while flying quite high: about 1,000m at least. Means, this was neither a ‘lucky’, nor ‘easy’ kill: this character is the ‘elite’ of the VKS.

Major Krasnoruchev’s below photo first appeared here.


Mi-35M shot down in the Bashtanka area, Mikolayiv Oblast.

Ukrainians claimed to have shot down a ‘Ka-52 and two Mi-8s’ there, during the same action: registration RF-13017 is pointing at this being a Mi-35M (see attached photo).

Mi-35M shot down over the Bashtaka area


‘Twin-tailed fighter jet’…. Su-30SM of the V-MFA (Russian Naval Aviation), shot down in the Bashtanka area of Mikolayiv Oblast. Check out this link from Telegram: it’s the page of the local governor; posting reliable stuff).

Fins are better visible on this video.

Pilot was captured. Said, is from 43rd Independent Attack Air Regiment, Russian Naval Aviation (V-MF; Unit 59882), based on Russia-occupied Crimea.


We’ve all seen this video already, but to make sure it’s authentic: a Mi-24 blown away… could be by a Starstreak? (Slightly too fast and too smoky for a FIM-92 Stinger….)

And before anybody asks again: yes, that was a Mi-24/35 on that video.

Heavily used Mi-24s, Mi-25s, and Mi-35 are ‘legendary’ for their heavy coast of exhaust traces down the rear cabin and the boom. Google a bit around, and you can find lots of photos (see attached image).

The rest are effects of pixelation and discolouration of the video.


Mi-35M shot down in the Bashtanka area (see two photos of the grey-painted example, with ‘Z’ ID-insignia)

Mi-35M shortly before being shot down… pay attention at overall grey livery, ID-insignia – and drop tanks, necessary to reach Mikolayiv from the Crimea.


Another Su-34 (no Su-25!!). Both crewmembers KIA. Wreckage visible on photos appeared here.

Moscow is currently sending jets with price tag of US$40-60 million into low-level attacks armed with unguided rockets – because Putin, Lavrov, Shoygu, etc must steal more, so there’s no money for PGMs…

Su-34 coming down over Chernihiv…. might have been SA-13

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