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So…Can you actually buy a fighter jet? Royal Norwegian Air Force could soon sell its F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet

A considerable percentage of the entire Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon fleet may potentially be relevant for repair and making ready for sale.

Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) has contracted with the Norwegian Defence Material Agency (NDMA) to maintain and make ready for sale two F-16 aircraft that have been taken out of service in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The aircraft will be made ready for sale to new owners, and the NDMA expects to achieve commercial re-sale agreements for the upgraded aircraft.

According to Kongsberg website, the contract initially applies to two F-16 aircraft that the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) has taken out of service, with an option to overhaul up to three additional aircraft. The work on the aircraft will take place at KAMS’ facilities at Kjeller, near Oslo, and if the option is exercised the last three aircraft are expected to be ready at the end of 2021. The aircraft will be returned to operating status and then maintained so that they are ready for service again. KAMS has 40 years of experience in maintaining, repairing and upgrading Norway’s F-16 fleet.

A considerable percentage of the entire F-16 fleet may potentially be relevant for repair and making ready for sale. This could result in considerable activity for KAMS at Kjeller. In addition, there will be good business opportunities for KAMS in connection with the maintenance of these aircraft for the new potential owners.

“The Norwegian Defence Material Agency is making efforts to achieve the best possible sales gain on the sale of F-16s. Several nations will be selling their F-16 aircraft in the near future. Our market surveys show it’s a good idea to create an attractive offer as regards the aircrafts’ quality and remaining flight time. This contract with KAMS gives us such an opportunity,” says Jonny M Otterlei, Technical Director at the Norwegian Defence Material Agency. “This contract also helps to maintain Norway’s industrial expertise in fighter aircraft maintenance.”

In 2008, the government of Norway selected the F-35 Lightning II as the replacement for their F-16 fleet. In November 2017, the first Norwegian F-35 aircraft landed in Norway.

The F-35 will take over 24/7 national and NATO Air Policing missions in 2022 from the F-16 which have accomplished the mission of safeguarding the skies over Norway and then Allies for forty years. By 2025, the F-35 fighter aircraft are to be fully operational.

The RNoAF F-35 fleet will operate from three bases in Norway: Ørland as the main base, Evenes as the advanced base in the north, and Rygge Air Defence Base as the operational base in the south.

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Photo credit: U.S. Air Force

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