Slovakia will not send its S-300 Anti-Aircraft Systems to Ukraine until the Replacement is Found

Russia says it destroyed the S-300 missile system given to Ukraine by Slovakia. But Slovak Government refuted Moscow’s claim.

By Dario Leone
Apr 13 2022
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Although Russia did not say which country had supplied the S-300 systems, the only European country to have donated such a missile system to Ukraine is Slovakia.

Russia said on Apr. 11, 2022 that it had used cruise missiles to destroy S-300 anti-aircraft missile system which had been supplied to Ukraine by an unidentified European country, Reuters reports.

Russia launched Kalibr cruise missiles on Apr. 10, 2022 against four S-300 launchers which were concealed in a hangar on the outskirts of the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, the defence ministry said.

Russia said 25 Ukrainian troops were hit in the attack.

“High-precision sea-launched Kalibr missiles destroyed the equipment of a S-300 anti-aircraft missile division which had been delivered to the Kyiv regime by a European country,” the ministry said.

Although Russia did not say which country had supplied the S-300 systems, as already reported the only European country to have donated such a missile system to Ukraine is Slovakia, that is also a NATO member.

However, Lubica Janikova, Slovak government spokesperson, said “Our S-300 was not destroyed.”

Retiring MiG-29AS Jet Fighters and Purchasing MIM-104 Patriot systems: how Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine is influencing Slovak Air Force

The Russian defence ministry said that Russian forces also shot down two Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft near the city of Izium and destroyed two ammunition depots, one of which was near the southern city of Mykolaiv.

As we have explained on Apr. 11, 2022 Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger also said that his country is willing to donate its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine if an arrangement can be made to secure the country’s own airspace.

Western nations have increasingly started supplying weapons but earlier discussions on providing MiG-29s – which are also used by Poland and Bulgaria – were halted because those plans were perceived as too risky in increasing tensions between Russia and NATO.

Slovakia, a NATO member and Ukraine’s neighbor, operates a fleet of 12 MiG-29 fighter jets.

Ukraine has asked for heavy weapons and planes as part of its defense against Russia, which invaded on Feb. 24.

Photo credit: EllsworthSK Own work and  Łukasz Golowanow via Wikipedia

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Dario Leone

Dario Leone

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  1. acementhead says:

    A denial is not a ‘refutation’. To refute something means that you show evidence that the thing you wish to refute is untrue. Jacinda Ardern, a near mental defective, constantly says “I refute that” when she means I deny that.

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