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Rare RAF Jaguar T2 Cockpit Section on Sale on eBay. And for 9,999.99 GBP (Plus Shipping) it can be yours.

“The Jaguar T2 Cockpit Section would make the ultimate souvenir /display for any ex Jag Aircrew / ground crew or anyone lucky enough to have flown in the back of this 2 seat T Bird trainer variant aircraft.”

Grab your chance to buy on eBay a very rare Royal Air Force (RAF) Sepecat Jaguar T2 Cockpit Section.

According to the seller the Cockpit Section is from “Jaguar T2 XX140 and is being sold as a restoration project.

“This would make the ultimate souvenir /display for any ex Jag Aircrew / ground crew or anyone lucky enough to have flown in the back of this 2 seat T Bird trainer variant aircraft.

“First flown in 1973 and delivered to the RAF in 1974, XX140 served with 226 OCU and was retired in 1999 and unbolted at the fwd transport attachment joint splitting the fuselage into two sections; the cockpit section and the rear fuselage. The cockpit went to BAe Brough for trials work and the fuselage ended up with an aircraft dealer. Eventually in 2006 the MOD disposed of the cockpit section after the trials work was completed. It was then reunited with the rear fuselage and original intakes (still fitted to the cockpit now). We acquired the cockpit section in 2015 and have had it on the back burner as a project that we never got round to. With over a decade of projects on the ‘to do’ list we have decided to let this one go. The rear fuselage from XX140 was donated to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection as a parts source to help restore Jaguar XX761.

“Jaguar T-Bird cockpit sections are very rare. To our knowledge there are only two. This one and the one on display at Norwich Aircraft Museum.

“We are now offering up the cockpit as a project cockpit as can be seen from the photos it needs some work. The cockpit is reasonably complete externally (see pics). It has a ‘new old stock’ canopy fitted to the fwd cockpit which on its own cost £5k. The nose cone is included. We can unbolt the cockpit from the intakes if requested to do so by the new owner to reduce length and make the unit more manageable, however we think the intakes really make it!

“Approx Size: 7.9 metres length, 2.15 metres height, 2.12 metres width all approx. “Weight: Between 1 and 1.5 UK tons (estimate)

“The cockpit interior is gutted. Please see photos for detailed condition.

“SHIPPING: Please note all the shipping quotes are estimates. UK shipping would be on a lorry. We can ship worldwide to friendly countries subject to UK export control approval. International shipping is likely to be inside a container. Please contact us with your shipping requirements. We can remove nose cone and other peripherals to minimize size if requested.”

If it were at all possible to give the attractive SEPECAT Jaguar even better looks than it already possessed, the two seat training variant of the aircraft is regarded by many enthusiasts as being one of the most aesthetically pleasing post war jets to see service with the Royal Air Force. Although the tandem student/instructor configuration of training Jaguars appeared to make this variant significantly longer than the more numerous single seat big cats, the aircraft was actually only 2ft 3.5 inches greater in length, even though their appearance was that of a much more slender and elegant airplane.

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