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Pilot Caught on High-Voltage Electricity Line after Belgian Air Force F-16BM crashes in France

by Dario Leone
Belgian F-16BM

However both crew members of the F-16BM are believed to have survived and a rescue operation is under way for the trapped man.

A Belgian Air Fore (BAF) F-16BM Fighting Falcon (according to Scramble Magazine most probably FB18, msn 6J-18, of 10w) crashed this morning near Lorient (France), Pluvigner, Morbihan to be exact. Both pilots used succesfully their ejection seats, both are alive although one of them ended up entangled in power cables, officials say.

The Viper Crew Member hanging from the lines has been rescued.

French news outlet Le Télégramme posted a photo from a great distance away which appeared to show a parachute dangling from a power line near a large pylon.

Other photos appeared to show black smoke billowing from the nearby area and a damaged roof on one home.

Further information will follow when available.

The BAF originally purchased 24 F-16Bs of which five have crashed over the years. Most of the B’s still in service have been designated “BM” after having received a mid-life update. Currently only nine are still operational, minus one after today. The F-16BMs are assigned to 2 Wing and 10 Wing and are based at Florennes air base and Kleine Brogel air base (Belgium).

Photo credit: aceebee from Camberley, UK Via Wikimedia

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