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Meet Capt. Anneliese Satz, the first female Marine F-35B pilot

Capt. Anneliese Satz conducts pre-flight checks prior to an F-35B training flight aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Mar 11.

It’s a historic feat for the U.S. Marine Corps, as Capt. Anneliese Satz joins a relatively small field of Marine F-35 pilots.

Marine Capt. Anneliese Satz has become the first female Marine F-35B pilot having completed the syllabus on the STOVL version of the Lightning II on Jun. 27, 2019 at the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort, South Carolina.

It’s a historic feat for the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), as she joins a relatively small field of Marine F-35 pilots.

As reported by Marine Times, the service’s high-tech stealth fighter pilots were only manned with 86 pilots as of February, according to data obtained through a government records request. The field is authorized to have 263 pilots.

Satz arrived at Beaufort, South Carolina, with Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 (VMFAT-501) in July 2018 and took her first flight in the F-35 in October, according to a Marine Corps release.

“The first flight in an F-35 is by yourself,” she said in the command release. “The syllabus thoroughly prepares you for that first time you take off and for every flight after that, it’s an exhilarating experience.”

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She’s not new to flying, though: she earned her commercial pilot license flying a Robinson R44 Helicopter before becoming a Marine, according to a release.

Over the past four years the 29-year-old has completed much military flight training to include aviation pre-flight indoctrination in Pensacola, Florida, primary flight training in Corpus Christi, Texas, and T-45C Goshawk training in Meridian, Mississippi, the release detailed.

Following that training she was assigned to VMFAT-501 to train on the F-35B.

“At each of my training schools I did my best,” Satz, said in a command release. “I truly believe that showing up prepared and working diligently are two major keys to success.”

Following completion of her F-35 syllabus in June she went to survival, evasion, resistance and escape (SERE) school and had a patching ceremony Aug. 2, Satz told Marine Corps Times.

Satz is now headed to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, the Green Knights based out of Iwakuni, Japan, a release said.

“I’m very grateful for the instructors, the maintainers, and countless others at 501 who lent me their expertise and time while I was going through the syllabus,” Satz said in the command release.

Another female Marine, 1st Lt. Catherine Stark, has recently made history within the Corps’ F-35 community.

As previously reported in fact Stark has been selected to fly the F-35C, the first female USMC pilot to do so.

Stark had her aviation wings pinned on during a ceremony aboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville, Texas, following completion of flight school on Aug. 2, 2019.

Stark will soon begin nine to 12 months of F-35C training at the Navy’s F-35C Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) in Lemoore, California.

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Photo credit: Sgt. Ashley Phillips/Marine Corps

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