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Meet Capt. Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler, USAF F-16 Viper Demo Team new Pilot

Capt. Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler will perform precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate combat capabilities of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, also known as the “Viper”.

Gen. Mark Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, certified the new F-16 Demonstration Team Pilot on Mar. 5, 2022, ahead of the 2022 air show season.

Capt. Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler has more than 2,000 flying hours combined in her six years of military service and prior experience as a civilian flight instructor.

According to a US Air Force (USAF) news release, as the team commander, Fiedler will perform precision aerial maneuvers to demonstrate combat capabilities of one of the US Air Forces’ premier multi-role fighter aircraft, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, also known as the “Viper”.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, speaks with Capt. Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler, F-16 Viper Demonstration Team commander and pilot, following Fiedler’s certification flight at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, AZ., Mar. 5, 2022.

“When you travel to air shows, you are meeting the next generation of fighter pilots and Airmen, and that inspires me to do my job better,” said Fiedler. “They are the ones that are going to be flying alongside me or trained up to take on this mission after my time is done. We get to show the people we meet that this is an attainable goal and as long as they set themselves up for success, they can do this job.”

Capt. Fiedler solidified her position as commander following extensive training, including multiple certification flights.

The Viper Demonstration Team, now lead by Fiedler, consists of 7 maintainers who are responsible for maintaining and readying the jet for air show performances.

“These shows allow us to get out and share our story with the crowds,” said Master Sgt. Brandon Baden, F-16 Viper Demonstration Team superintendent. “They get a firsthand look at how we keep the Viper flying, while also getting a realistic picture of who we are and how we became Air Force maintainers.”

Capt. Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler was named the 2022 Viper Demonstration Commander during the Heritage Flight Training Course, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Mar. 5, 2022. During the course, Air Force demonstration pilots trained with civilian Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation pilots to become certified to perform in the 2022 air show season.

Together, the team is currently scheduled to perform at 21 shows this season, giving audiences around the world a firsthand look at the F-16, while working towards their mission of inspiring the next generation of Airmen.

As we have recently explained, ten years after Lockheed Martin announced the F-16V variant at the Singapore airshow, the USAF has decided to modify 608 Block 40 and 50 jets to that standard.

In one of the largest modernization efforts in the USAF history, 608 F-16s – comprised of Blocks 40 and 50 – will undergo up to 22 modifications designed to improve lethality and ensure the fourth-generation fighter remains effective in meeting current and future threats.

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Photo credit: Viper Demo Team / U.S. Air Force

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