Kamov to develop high-speed helicopter based on the Ka-52 Alligator

The advanced high-speed combat helicopter should develop a maximum speed of more than 400km/h and a cruising speed of more than 360 km/h

CEO of Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) Kirill Sypalo told TASS that Kamov’s chief designer Sergei Mikheyev will soon start work on building a high-speed helicopter that is based on the Kamov Ka-52.

“Sergei Mikheyev [the Kamov Design Bureau’s chief designer] plans to start work in the imminent future to create a flying laboratory of the advanced high-speed helicopter on the basis of the Ka-52 helicopter,” he said.

According to Sypalo, the work on the advanced high-speed helicopter is proceeding in two directions. In the first area of work, some developments, such as the new layouts of blades and rotors will be installed on existing Mi helicopters. In the second area, specialists are developing a helicopter based on a new design which has been presented by the Kamov Design Bureau.

Noteworthy Russia’s Defense Ministry will get three projects of an advanced high-speed combat helicopter with a different design and aerodynamic scheme for examination. According to the Defense Ministry’s requirements, the advanced high-speed combat helicopter should develop a maximum speed of more than 400km/h and a cruising speed of more than 360 km/h.

The first version is the classical helicopter with one main and one tail rotor. The second variant is a helicopter with a combined powerplant, which comprises the main rotor and additional lateral propellers pulling the rotorcraft forward. The third scheme is a coaxial rotor helicopter with rigid rotors and an additional pusher propeller called the propulsion propeller.

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is a next-generation reconnaissance and combat helicopter designed to destroy tanks, armoured and non-armoured ground targets, and enemy troops and helicopters both on the front line and in tactical reserves. The helicopter can operate around the clock and in all weathers. The Ka-52 can provide target acquisition and designation for helicopter teams and ground troop command and control centres. It can also provide fire support for troop landings, fly routine patrols and escort military convoys.

Photo credit: Oleg Belyakov via Wikipedia

Dario Leone

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